What eSIM enabled devices does Ride Mobile Support?

What eSIM enabled devices does Ride Mobile Support?

Ride Mobile currently supports these iPhone models with an iOS of 15.7.2 or above.  Please note that carrier and country specific exceptions may apply.


  • iPhone 15 - all models
  • iPhone 14 - all models
  • iPhone 13 - all models
  • iPhone 12 - all models
  • iPhone 11 - all models
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPhone SE (2022)

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      Yes, the US Networks support Mobile Hotspots. With your iphone you can connect to your Ride Mobile data hotspot by turning on “Personal Hotspot” on the Settings page. This will likely increase your data consumption so make sure you have the right ...
    • Can I use a Ride Mobile eSIM on my iPad?

      Absolutely! If your iPad has dual eSIM capability you can use the Ride Mobile Data Service. Remember, your Ride Mobile Data Service supplements your connectivity when your primary carrier isn't available. You can quickly check if your iPad has an ...
    • How Do I Know When Ride Mobile Is On?

      Look at your signal strength bars. If you see two rows then Ride Mobile is activated on your phone. If you are still unsure, go to the My Plan page in the Ride Mobile App and confirm that your plan is activated. Then check: Settings > Cellular/Mobile ...
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      Ride Mobile does not rely on or connect you to satellites. Satellites require special antennas and receivers that can be costly. Ride Mobile requires nothing more than a newer cell phone and eSIM capability to connect you to more than 640 cellular ...
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